Gate motor repairs & Garage motor repairs

Gate motor repairs are done on site, at a reasonable cost. Same day service is offered if possible.
All gate motor repairs and parts used are fully guaranteed.

We specialise in Centurion Gate Motors, but we work on all other types of electrical gate motors. Additionally, our quick and efficient repair process is cost effective. 

As well as gate and garage motor repairs, we also supply and  code-in remote controls for these motors.

We carry a welding machine, therefore wheel changes and rail repairs are also undertaken

Contact us to repair your gate motor. 0721234267

Electrician with Centurion Gate Motor Kit
Centurion Gate Motor Kit


These are some of the different types of motors on which we are proficient.

Centurion D3
Centurion D3/D5/D5 EVO
The new Centurion Smart
Larger Centurion D10/A10
Hansa swing gate
Hansa elite
DTS gate motor
Centurion garage door openers
ET DC Blue Garage door openers
Genie Garage door openers
Liftmaster Garage door openers
Gemini Garage door openers

Hansa Speedo motor
Hansa Speedo sliding gate motor

When do I need gate motor repairs?

Gate motor repairs are required to keep your gate motor operating.
Your gate motor needs to work at all times to keep you safe. 
Fixing small problems before they become bigger problems will ensure that your gate motor works effectively. 
Listed below are some of the early warning signs that your gate motor is going to become problematic. 

  • The gate makes an unusual sound when opening or closing.
  • Your gate moves slower than normal.
  • The gate remote has to be pushed more than once to get the gate to activate.
  • The gate begins to close but then re-opens.
  • Gate opens half way and stops.
  • Gate closes half way and stops.
  • There is a beeping sound that was not there before.
  • Sensors fail
  • Grinding noise during opening or closing.
  • The gate opens or closes on its own
  • The gate does not close.
  • Your gate does not open.

Contact us to book your gate motor for a service. 0721234267

Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors are installed at the point of entry to a property.
Working the same as wired sensors, the wireless sensors are activated when the beam is broken therefore stopping the gate from closing on a pedestrian or vehicle. Wireless sensors can be installed without digging up the driveway.

The sensor is essential if you have set your gate to close after a pre-determined time. The sensor will prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle or person. 

Contact us to install your sensors. 0721234267

Wireless sensors
Centurion wireless sensors

lightning surge protection

Installing a surge arrestor into your electric gate motor is a must.
This device can assist in protecting it against municipal surges, transient surge voltages or nearby lightning.

The surge arrestor shown here is made to measure for the D5 Evo.

Contact us to install your surge protection. 0721234267

Centurion D5 Evo with surge arrestor
Centurion D5 Evo with surge arrestor


LTC Electrical covers most of the East Rand area as well as Eastern Johannesburg suburbs.
We service hundreds of motors in our area succesfully.
Some of our areas of operation are;

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