Electrician Services

  • Electrician, fully qualified and registered.
  • Experienced electrician.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial electricians.

Electricians at LTC Electrical provide a fast, friendly, efficient and cost effective service.
Areas we cover include Edenvale, Bedfordview, Primrose, Kensington, Germiston, Bruma, Alberton, Boksburg, Benoni, Kempton Park and most of the East Rand.
We have been in business for 20 years and our electricians reputation for a timeous response and friendly customer service is second to none.

Consequently we are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment. Our electrician will repair your faults in good time and subsequently save you money.

Residential Electricians

Since 2002 LTC Electrical has successfully been involved in many facets of maintenance to the residential sector. Our vastly experienced electrician coupled with modern electronic equipment, has made us leaders in this field.
We offer services in many different maintenance fields, some of which are:

  • Repairs for the issue of electrical certificates
  • Fault finding and repairs to electrical circuits
  • Replace faulty earth leakage’s and circuit breakers
  • Distribution board repair
  • Broken plugs and lights
  • Pool motor repair
  • Gate motor repair
  • Garage motor repair
  • Electric fence repair
  • Tripping earth leakage
  • Earthing of electrical appliances
  • Underground cable tracing
  • Tracing cables in the wall
Electrician testing electrical equipment
Electrician testing wires behind a plug-socket outlet

Industrial and commercial Electricians

LTC Electrical has much to offer the industrial sector:

  • Fault finding on machinery and subsequent repairs
  • Fault finding in offices and subsequent repairs
  • Optimization of electrical reticulation
  • Repairs to general lighting.
  • Installation of timers, additional earth leakage requirements and circuit breakers
  • Lightning surge arrestor implementation
  • Repairs to gate motors
  • Repairs to electric fencing
  • and much more.
Multitester used by our electricians in Edenvale & Bedfordview
11 in one, electrical compliance multi-tester for finding electrical faults and taking readings

Electrical Certification and Compliance Certificates

LTC Electrical is a leader in the issue of the Electrical Compliance Certificate. We are Townhouse Specialists.
Our services include the following:

  • Inspection of electrical installation.
  • Repair of your electrical installation up to SANS standard.
  • Issue of your Electrical Compliance Certificate.
  • Re-inspection of previously certified installations for those who are wary of the certificate they have been issued, and advice on how to take corrective measures in this regard.
  • Free advice on any area of electrical compliance.

The process of obtaining an electrical compliance certificate can be explained the following way:

  • The process begins with an inspection, the cost of which will vary from one electrical installation to the next due to the complexity of each individual installation.
  • Once the inspection is complete and we are satisfied that the electrical installation complies with the SANS we will issue the certificate straight away.
  • If there are repairs to be undertaken in order to bring the electrical installation into compliance with the SANS then we will offer you an estimated quote on that work.
  • Once you have accepted our quote and we have completed the repairs, then we will issue the certificate.
  • The certificate must eventually be retained by the buyer after it has been presented to the Conveyance Attorneys

It is important that you obtain an electrical compliance certificate for your electrical installation. Without proof that your electrical installation is compliant, your insurance company may repudiate any claims that originate from an electrical fault.

During the inspection a series of tests are performed upon your electrical installation.
These testes include:

  • A physical visual examination of every facet of your electrical installation including roof wiring, plugs, light switches, lights, distribution boards etc.
  • A high voltage insulation resistance test
  • A prospective short circuit current test
  • An earth fault loop impedance test
  • Continuity of ring circuits test
  • Voltage no load tests
  • Voltage on load test
  • Voltage at available load
  • Elevated voltage on the supply neutral test
  • Earth leakage test
  • Line Frequency test
  • Earthing continuity test
  • Bonding continuity test
  • Polarity at points of consumption
  • Operation of switching devices

Since May 2009 when selling a property, an electrical certificate that is not older than two years may be transferred to the buyer, provided that the installation has been maintained correctly during this period.
Any alterations to the electrical installation that you have done, after taking responsibility for the electrical installation, have to be covered by a separate  certificate which will be attached to an existing valid certificate.
The only method of determining the validity of an existing certificate is to perform an inspection on the existing electrical installation.
Should a valid certificate not be available then the entire installation must be re-inspected and certified.
After two years, as a good maintenance practice, your property should be re-inspected for wear and tear and a new certificate issued.

Leasing and renting Property
You may not lease or rent out your property unless you posses a valid electrical compliance certificate for the electrical installation in that property. This is according to the Consumer Protection Act.
Tenants must be supplied with a copy of the certificate.
Rental agents are now required to see the certificate before they will assist you with a tenant.

Repairs & Spare Parts

All of our repairs are done to the highest standard possible. We only use quality original parts and we never use second hand equipment. All repairs are done in good time and attention to detail is paramount.
The repairs that we undertake all carry a 3 month workmanship warranty and the spare parts carry the manufacturers Warranty available at the time of installation.

How am I affected by my neighbours non-certified property?

Your neighbour has an un-certified property and it burns to the ground. Your house is affected by this, how are you covered?

Imagine living in a residential estate and this happens to you. If you are wondering who will foot the bill for your repairs, in the long run it will be you. Your insurer will attempt to sue your neighbours insurer to recover the costs. The neighbours insurer will repudiate your neighbours claim due to no certification available, so they will go after your neighbour and we all know where that road goes to. 
Ultimately it will affect your monthly contribution.
Your Body Corporate should ensure that all properties have up-to-date certification in place.

Town-house on fire
A town-house fire can affect other properties in the same complex.

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