Electrical compliance certificate

Why choose us for your electrical compliance certificate?

We have cost-effectively issued Electrical Compliance Cerificates (Coc or Ecoc) for over twenty years.
Our services include the following:

  • Inspection of electrical installation.
  • Repair of your electrical installation up to SANS 10142 standard.
  • Issue of your Electrical Compliance Certificate.
  • Re-inspection of previously certified installations for validity of the certificate they have been issued.
  • Free advice on any area of electrical compliance.
Electrical certificate of compliance
Typical electrical certificate of compliance

How much does an electrical compliance certificate cost?

The cost of an electrical compliance certificate will depend upon the size and condition of your electrical installation. More importantly, every electrical installation is different and its condition will vary according to the following factors:

  • Quality of previous work done.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Size of electrical installation.
  • Usage.
  • Frequency of regular maintenance.

These and other factors will influence the outcome of an electrical inspection and the eventual cost of your certificate.

What does the electrical inspection consist of?

During the inspection a series of tests are performed upon your electrical installation.
These testes include:

  • Firstly a physical visual examination of every facet of your electrical installation including roof wiring, plugs, light switches, lights, distribution boards etc.
  • A high voltage insulation resistance test
  • A prospective short circuit current test
  • An earth fault loop impedance test
  • Continuity of ring circuits test
  • Voltage-no- load tests
  • Voltage-on-load test
  • Voltage at available load
  • Elevated voltage on the supply neutral test
  • Earth leakage test
  • Line Frequency test
  • Earthing continuity test
  • Bonding continuity test
  • Polarity at points of consumption
  • Operation of switching devices

It is important that you obtain an electrical certificate of compliance. Without proof that your electrical installation is compliant, your insurance company may repudiate any claims that originate from an electrical fault.

do I need to renew my certificate when selling my property?

Since May 2009, when selling a property, an electrical compliance certificate that is not older than two years may be transferred to the buyer. However, this is provided that the installation has been maintained correctly during this period.
Any alterations to the electrical installation, that you have done have to be covered by a separate  certificate, which will be attached to an existing valid certificate.
In addition, only method of determining the validity of an existing certificate is to perform an inspection on the existing electrical installation. Should a valid certificate not be available then the entire installation must be re-inspected and certified.
As a good maintenance practice, your property should be re-inspected for wear and tear and a new certificate issued every two years.

Multitester used by our electricians in Edenvale & Bedfordview

Who is responsible for the safety, safe use and maintenance of the electrical installation?

This question is often asked after an incident has taken place and to answer it we refer to Clause 2 of the Electrical Installation Regulations of 2009:

Electrical Installation Regulations 2009 2. Responsibility for Electrical Installations

  1. Subject to sub regulation (3), the user or lessor of an electrical installation, as the case may be, shall be responsible for the safety, safe use and maintenance of the electrical installation he or she uses or leases.
  2. The user or lessor of an electrical installation, as the case may be, shall be responsible for the safety of the conductors on his or her premises connecting the electrical installation to the point of supply in the case where the point of supply is not the point of control.
  3. Where there is a written undertaking between a user or lessor and a lessee whereby the responsibility for an electrical installation has been transferred to the lessee, the lessee shall be responsible for that installation as if he or she were the user or lessor.

This may not be the answer that owners, landlords and renters want to hear, but it is the law. But then the next question that automatically comes to mind is:

What are my obligations as a Landlord?

According to the Consumer Protection Act, you may not lease or rent out your property unless you posses a valid electrical compliance certificate for the electrical installation in that property. Furthermore, tenants must be supplied with a copy of the certificate.
Rental agents are now required to see the certificate before they will assist you with a tenant.

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