Electric Fence Repairs and Certification

Electric Fence repairs and certificates in:

  • Edenvale & Bedfordview, Primrose & Germiston
  • Kensington & Bruma, Alberton & Boksburg
  • Benoni & Kempton Park and others

Electric fence repairs in Gauteng and on the East Rand become necessary when your electric fence malfunctions. We at LTC Electrical pride ourselves on attention to detail and will bring your electric fence back to its original condition.

Anti lift device
Anti lift device

We can do electric fence repairs in the minimum time necessary by using the latest technology and equipment , therefore saving you money.

We work on all energisers including Wizord, Druid, Merlin from Nemtek as well as JVA from Stafix and others.

Certification of Electric Fences

 Once your electric fence has been certified safe, and complies with The South African National Standards SANS 10222-3:2016, we will issue your Electric Fence Certificate. Firstly, the visible aspects of the electric fence are determined during a fence walk. The following are some of the aspects taken into account:

  • Pole and wire condition
  • Correctness of earthing installations
  • Correct installation of safety aspects.
  • All joints are installed correctly
  • Lightning protection is present and installed correctly.
  • All installation procedures have been followed correctly.

Testing takes place at various points along the fence under differing conditions and the results are recorded.
The battery is also tested.

The certificate will be issued once the fence is in accordance with the SANS 10222-3:2016.

Electric Fence testing

Testing an electric fence correctly is as important as repairing the fence. Using the Fence Scope Electric Fence Tester we can understand exactly what is wrong with your electric fence and then arrange to remove the fault.

This hand held device analysis your electric fence and details the characteristics of it.
We are able to measure:

  • The output of the fence under load conditions.
  • The peak voltage of the fence under load conditions.
  • The current flowing in the electric fence under load conditions.
  • A real-time waveform of the electric fence and identify any short circuits.
  • The faulty short circuit and trace it directly to its origin and repair it.
  • The noise in the fence at any point and find the reason for the noise.
Tester showing waveform
The Waveform of a fence
Electric fence tester
Testing energizer with fence removed and 500 ohm resistor inserted. Tester calibrated to 500 ohms

Antiilift devices

Installing anti-lift devices onto your electric fence will assist in deterring criminals from entering your property through your electric fence.
The anti-lift devices come in two types:

  • In-line earth loop and
  • Earth–live loop

These effective devices may be installed retrospectively.

Earth-live loop
The earth-live loop installed onto the electric fence

Electric Fence Maintenance -DIY

Maintenance on your electric fence and surroundings is essential for it to operate at its peak efficiency. We give you tips on how to do this here

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