Electric Fence Repairs and Certification

Electric Fence testing

Testing an electric fence correctly and understanding its properties, is as important as repairing the fence. Your electric fence is your first line of defense against  intruders and must be kept in good working order.

Electric fence testing

By using the Fence Scope Electric Fence Tester, we can understand exactly what is wrong with your electric fence with accuracy and then arrange to remove the fault before it becomes a major problem. This hand held device analysis your electric fence and details the characteristics of it.

With it we are able to measure:

  • The output of the fence under load conditions.
  • The peak voltage of the fence under load conditions.
  • The current flowing in the electric fence under load conditions.
  • A real-time waveform of the electric fence and identify any short circuits.
  • The faulty short circuit and trace it directly to its origin and repair it.
  • The noise in the fence at any point and find the reason for the noise.

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Certification of Electric Fences

It is extremely important that your electric fence is correctly constructed and complies with the SANS 10222-3:2016.
In the case of an incident your insurance company, as well as forensic investigators in the case of a fatality, will insist on seeing a valid and up-to-date certificte of compliance for your electric fence.
Therefore, in order to determine the status of the fence, inspecting and testing of takes place as follows:

Initially the visible aspects of the electric fence are determined during a fence walk and the following are some of the aspects taken into account:

  • Pole and wire condition.
  • Correctness of earthing installations.
  • Correct installation of safety aspects.
  • Correct installation of all joints in wires.
  • Lightning protection is present and installed correctly.
  • All installation procedures followed correctly.

Thereafter, testing takes place at various points along the fence under differing conditions and the results recorded.
Various testing procedures determine the energisers ability to perform under working conditions and battery testing determines its effective load capacity.

The Compliance Certificate will be issued once the fence is found to be in accordance with the SANS 10222-3:2016.

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Anti-lift devices

Installing anti-lift devices onto your electric fence will deter criminals from entering your property through your electric fence. Thereafter, when one of the wires are moved or lifted, the device installed will activate the alarm. The anti-lift devices come in three types:

  • In-line earth loop and
  • Earth–live loop
  • Tension Sensor
All of these devices are highly effective and increase the efficiency of your electric fence.

The Earth-Live Loop and In-line loop may be installed retrospectively. However, the Tension Sensor should be installed at the time of the fence installation.

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Tension sensor anti lift device
This sensor detects any additional tension in the wire caused by the wire being moved in any direction and sets the alarm
Anti - lift device
Earth Live loop

Electric fence indication lights. How it works!

The frequency of the flashing LEDs indicates the amount of energy on the fence. The
longer the period between flashes, the lower the voltage on the fence.

If the electric fence light begins to pulsate less rapidly then you call us and we will bring your fence back into working condition.

Get peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe and secure all day long.

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Electric fence pulsating light
Electric fence pulsating light.Operates at various speeds and indicates the condition of your fence

Electric fence indication lights. Features!

Indicates power on the fence for peace of mind.
Visible from up to 1km at night and 100m during the day.

No batteries required.
Uses minimal power from the fence.

Highly visible LEDs allow for a 160-degree viewing angle. This allows the light to
shine into the secure area only.

Can operate from 0.9kV to 12kV.
Can be used with most electric fence energizer

The Electric fence indication lights are a great way for the owner to be able to self diagnose their own electric fence. With Electric fence indication lights fitted, knowing whether your electric fence is in good working order becomes as simple as casting a quick glance in its direction.
Unlike previous electric fence indicator lights, these lights change there flashing frequencey when the condition of the fence deteriorates.
The lights are only visible to the person in the property and can easily be seen during the day. Get peace of mind with this great new product.

Electric fence Maintenance and repair

The following is a detailed look at electric fence maintenance and repair.

Vegetation touching the electric fence is one of the most destructive elements facing an electric fence energizer. Under normal conditions your energizer will pulse voltage onto the fence every second or so and a minimal current will flow in the fence for that time period. This is normal, your energizer is constructed to do this and will last for many years. However, when there is vegetation touching the fence then that current increases as the additional current is flowing to earth via the vegetation, you may or may not hear a clicking sound at that spot.

The energizer is not made to pulse at high current for prolonged periods and eventually your high voltage coils in the energizer will become faulty. In addition to that, because your fence is pulsing through the vegetation at near its maximum output, then when a perpetrator touches the fence he may not receive the shock you were expecting him to get.

Below is a handy guide on how to care for your fence and get the most out of it.

Druid Energiser
Druid Energiser 5 Joule

General maintenance requirements for users

Your electric fence must operate at its peak efficiency at all times. In order for it to do this regular maintenance is required

In order to maintain the fence in a satisfactory condition the following recommendations should be followed by the user of the fence.

Do a monthly overview of your electric fence, as well as a detailed inspection on the electric fence every three months.

monthly overview inspection

This is very important, to ensure that external factors do not cause damage to the wiring or any other part of your electric fence.

The monthly overview inspection should comprise the following actions:

a) walking or driving along the length of the electric fence and note and correcting all obviously visible faults on fence;
b) clearing the fence of all vegetation and debris (for example, plastic bags) that cause arcing of high-voltage pulses and that could lower the effectiveness of the fence, (i.e. arcing between an electric fence and vegetation that can cause fires);
c) tightening wires that are visibly slackened; and
d) fixing all broken parts of the fence.

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three-monthly detailed inspection

The detailed inspection is to be carried out at least every three months and should comprise the following actions;

a) walking along the length of the electric fence and inspecting all components of the fence for faults (i.e. a clicking sound is audible at places where arcing occurs.);
b) fixing all faults reported prior to inspection, tightening all loose wires, replacing and repairing all faulty fence components;
c) inspecting the electric fence energizer installation and ensuring compliance;
d) inspecting the energizer and electric fence earthing system, tightening loose connection wires, replacing worn-out clamps and corroded components;
e) clearing the fence of all vegetation and debris at least 200mm either side and below it and 1 meter above it.
f) inspecting the fence insulators and ensuring that they are in a satisfactory condition. Broken and deformed fence insulators shall be replaced;
g) looking for electric fence wires touching any other component not forming part of the electric fence installation and rectifying to ensure compliance herewith;
h) checking the fence for tautness of wires and tightening faulty wires
i) inspecting all joints and replacing broken rusted clamps (or both), and ensuring that soldered joints are still electrically sound; and
j) inspecting the electric fence installation for faults at gates.

The detailed inspections of the fence should not be limited to the items listed here but should include any other item found to be non-compliant.

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