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At LTC Electrical we are supplying our customers to the new Euro-socket. This exciting range is aesthetically more pleasing and the Euro sockets are smaller. This means that more can be fitted to a baseplate. Additionally, when a plug-top is inserted  into the 12 mm socket, the pins touch the live terminals only once they are out of sight. This feature makes it on of  the safest system on the market.

A popular addition to the Euro plug socket outlet are the usb charger receptacles. These are very convenient for charging devices such as cellphones.

If you would like to know more about the new style of socket outlets, or would like to book an appointment to have your existing plug sockets upgraded then contact us.

Plug-socket outlet
Socket outlet with both the old and new type of receptacle.
Double socket new type
Euro Socket outlet. A normal plate can hold eight sockets

Euros sockets are safer

The receptacle on the Euro socket is 12mm deep. As a result the pins on the plug-top do not touch any live parts inside of the receptacle until the pins are no longer visible. 
In the past childeren would wrap their fingers around the older triangular plug-top to remove it and their little fingers could touch the metal pins whilst they were still live. Subsequently this has led to many electrocutions.

Euro sockets with USB Charger built in

Plug-sockets which house USB charger sockets are available from us. These are proving to be very popular in the office and the home. Interestingly, one socket outlet plate can hold up to six of the new type of outlets as well as two or more USB outlets. Additionally, these units can be installed in a convenient location to be used to charge phones, laptops and any other device that charges from a USB charger

Plug socket combo
An example of the old and new sockets with USB ports
6 Euro Sockets on one plate
6 Euro Sockets on one plate
Plug socket combo
Another useful combination of sockets and USB ports

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