Ekhureleni electricity charges and tariffs explained

All the information you need to understand Ekhureleni Electricity Charges and Tariffs and how they affect you

Ekhureleni Electricity Charges and Tariffs prepaid and postpaid including free units.
Here we explain the differences between post-paid and pre-paid electricity as well as tariff A and B, in Ekhureleni.
For assistance with your tariff structure or assistance with moving from one tariff structure to another, contact your local municipality.


One unit consumed is the same as one kilowatt hour (KWH).
Prices quoted here are off of the 2020/2021 Ekurhuleni Tariff Table
Prices quoted here all include vat for your convenience
Priced quoted on the Ekurhuleni web site exclude Vat

The short version

With post-paid, you use electricity and you pay for your usage at the end of the month, or thereabouts.
With pre-paid, you pay-as-you-go.
The tariffs are the same in each payment scheme.

The longer version

There are two different tariffs and they are applied in a similar way.

Tariff A (Post-paid and Pre-paid)

The cost per electrical unit will increase as more electricity is consumed.
This tariff will suit low usage customers.
This tariff does not charge a fee for the first 100 units consumed.

Between 100 units, and 600 units, you will pay
R1.5836 per unit (R1.58).
Between 600 and 700 units you will pay
R2.6917 per unit (R2.69).
Above 700 units you will pay
R7.5634 per unit (R7.56).

These prices include 15% Vat

Tariff B (Post-paid and Pre-paid)

The cost of electricity in tariff B does not increase with usage.
This tariff will suit users who use more that 600 units in one month.
There are no free units available in tariff B.

The cost is R2.34 per unit no matter the consumption.

These prices include 15% Vat

Additional Charge
(Post-paid and Pre-paid)

  • Post-paid and pre-paid fixed charges differ.
  • On post-paid there is a fixed monthly charge of R46.62 per month per point of supply.
    Your monthly account includes this charge.
  • On pre-paid there is a fixed monthly charge of R23.00.
    Your initial purchase each month will include these charges.

    These prices include 15% Vat

Prepaid Meter Installations

There are two categories of pre-paid metersPrepaid meter

Primary meters

Primary meters are installed at your electrical point of supply from the municipality.
Municipality appointed electricians will install these meters.
All queries regarding the installation of primary meters should be addressed directly to your local municipal offices.

Secondary meters

The point of supply to a sub-distribution board is where the secondary meters are installed.
Secondary meters will record the amount of electricity consumed by the sub-distribution board
Secondary meters are not a municipal function and are installed by private electrical contractors.

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