How to save electricity

How to save electricity. Here we try to give you some guidance on saving electricity by simply doing things differently. However, every home is different and this is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

How to save electricity with a Geyser timer

You can have a geyser timer fitted onto your geyser circuit. This is a contentious issue as there are arguments for and against it, but there are those who claim to have seen a big reduction in their energy usage after it was fitted.

Turn the temperature of your geyser down. Provided there is enough hot water for everyone in you house this is a good idea. Your geyser should be turned down to 55°c to be efficient. 

Have an Eco rated showerhead fitted to your shower. 

To get a geyser timer fitted or to turn down your geyser temperature, call or Whatsapp us on 0721234267

How to save electricity with a swimming pool pump timer

The swimming pool pump uses a considerable amount of electricity when running. Limiting the times it runs can save you electricity over a period of time. All pools are different but the recommended times for running your pump are two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. To have a pool timer installed call or Whatsapp us on 0721234267

How to save electricity with LED lighting

LED lighting is very efficient and cost effective. Traditional lighting is inefficient because of the heat they build up. This heat is lost to the atmosphere whereas LED lighting are cool to the touch and heat is not lost. Fluorescent light fittings contain ballasts which become very hot and that energy is wasted. LED tube fitting do not contain ballasts and are brighter that fluorescent tubes giving you more light per tube. Get your lighting upgraded to LED today.  Call or Whatsapp us on 0721234267

What about my stove?

When using the oven, turn off the heat 30 minutes before the end of cooking time. Your oven is well insulated and should remain hot enough to cook the food.

Use the right sized stove-plate for the pan you are using. Placing a small pot on a large stove-plate is inefficient as the portion of the plate which is not in contact with the pot will lose heat into the atmosphere.

Gas appliances

Gas is far more efficient than electricity. Using gas heaters and a gas stove will save on your electricity bill

An efficient way to warm a room

Winter in Ekhureleni means sunshine and lots of it.
You can open the curtains and allow that free energy to flood into the room.
Close doors that lead to empty unused spaces and ensure that there are no draughts leaking around those doors.
Use a gas heater, they are far more efficient than electric heaters.
Have a thermal blanket installed in the ceiling to keep the heat in the room.

led, bulbs, lights-823383.jpg
LED Ceiling lights are more efficient and give more light that incandescent lighting
LED tubes
LED tubes use less energy and give more light

Why do i use more electricity in winter?

Contrary to public belief, the price of electricity does not increase in winter and hasn’t done so for many years. The yearly increase for electricity is on the 1st July every year and the rate is static for the following 12 months.

So why do I use more electricity in the colder months? Well there are a number of reasons.

Does my geyser use a lot of electricity?

Firstly, lets consider your geyser, the largest consumer of electricity in your house. In summer the water entering the geyser is normally around 25°c and then it gets heated to a higher temperature, for instance 65°c. This would take a specific amount of energy, that much is obvious. Now consider the temperature of the water entering your geyser in winter, it is much colder, say 5°c. Now, that water has to be heated up to 25°c and then also to 65°c as in summer. The energy used in heating the water from 5°c to 25°c is the extra cost. In fact it may even be in the region of an additional 50% of your summer energy usage in the geyser.

Does my stove use a lot of electricity?

Aside from your geyser, your stove may well be one of your largest consumers of electricity. An oven working with all four plates and the oven elements on can consume up to 10kw or more, of electricity per hour. That translates into R23.00 per hour on tariff B. (Ekhureleni electricity tariffs 2021 – 2022). Similarly to your geyser, your oven needs to heat up with a lower starting temperature in winter. The effect is not as dramatic as with your geyser but it is an increase.

Does my underfloor heating use a lot of electricity?

The short answer is yes, very much so in fact. One 3kw underfloor heater can draw as much as your geyser in a day, if not more. 

Do you have any electricity saving tips?

If you have any electricity saving tips then write to us on Whatsapp and let us know about it. If we like your idea we may even include it on this webpage.

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