Electrical Repair Services & Certificates

LTC Electrical specialise in Electrical Repair Services and Compliance Certificates.

Having been in business for over 20 years our business has grown from electrical repair services and certificates to gate repairs and electric fence repairs and certificates.
We offer a friendly, first class service and all repairs are done on site on the same day, if possible.

We cover residential, commercial and industrial applications and we specialise in the following fields;

  • Certificates of Compliance for Electrical Installations.
  • Electrical Repairs.
  • Electrical fault finding.
  • Gate Motor repairs.
  • Electric Fence Compliance Certificates.
  • Electric Fence repairs.
  • Tripping earth leakage.
  • Geyser timers.
  • No lights and plugs.
  • Faulty Intercoms.
  • Lightning Surge Protection.
  • Faulty Distribution Boards.
  • Dimmer Switches and Down-lighter Repairs & replacements.
  • LED lighting.
  • Swimming Pool Pump Motor, Repairs and Replacement.
  • and much, much more.

In fact, our specialties are vaster than this list, so call or WhatsApp us for more on what we can offer you.
We are experts at fault-finding and we have at our disposal some of the finest fault finding equipment available.
Additionally, we also issue certificates of compliance for the transfer of properties between seller and buyer.

Electrical Gate and garage Door Motors Repairs

We offer a 3-month workmanship warranty and all spare parts used carry a manufacturer’s guarantee.
We have vast experience on many makes of motors such as Centurion, Hansa, ET, DTS, Came, Duraslide, Digigate, Digidoor, DC Blue and others.
All repairs take place on site, during one visit where possible. Once repaired the gate system must be tested as a whole.

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Electric Fence Compliance certificates

LTC Electrical is qualified to issue the electric fence compliance certificate for your electric fence.
We will repair your fence when it is not working because we are highly qualified in this field.  We are registered with the Department of Labour so feel free ask to see our registration details, it will only be a pleasure to show you them.
Our expertise and experience will ensure that your fence works correctly and keeps you safe.

An electric fence compliance certificate must be issued after a brand new installation by the installer as this is the law. 

We use specialised equipment for testing and all replacement parts are original.
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Electric Fence Repairs

LTC Electrical undertakes repairs with expert precision because we use the most reliable test equipment available.
This ensures that your fence works to its optimal potential, which will leave you feeling safe and secure in your own environment. We even have a section on how you can take care of your fence for free.
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Electrical Compliance Certificates

LTC Electrical issues electrical compliance certificates.
We specialise in smaller properties such as townhouses. Many Townhouse Complexes use our services to issue their electrical compliance certificates due to our understanding of the electrical systems found in these buildings.

We ensure that the process is as easy as possible for our customers, because we understand the frustration they endure when dealing with this process.
Property sales are when these become more relevant and we are there to make the process run smoothly for you.

All of our compliance work is done by our dedicated and highly qualified electrician, Lee. We do not bring a team into your house. In these times of Covid the fewer people entering your property the better.
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Electrical certificate of compliance
This is an example of what the electrical compliance certificate looks like

Electrical Repairs

All repairs are done using high quality SABS approved equipment which all carry a warranty.
With over 40 years of knowledge and passion for this type of work behind him, Lee is able to diagnose and repair faults quickly and efficiently. In fact we prefer to repair before replacing and that saves you money.

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Making an appointment

Appointments can be booked via cell-phone, email or WhatsApp and we respond to all methods equally.
Our contact details are on our Contact Page.
If you are using a cell phone or tablet then select the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of this page.

All of our appointments happen precisely as expected and should we feel that are going to be late, then you will receive a phone call telling you so.

We offer a no-nonsense workmanship guarantee on all of our work and all parts supplied by us include a manufacturer’s warranty.

Our experience is your peace of mind.

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