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Electric fence indication light
That shows you the condition of your fence

Electric fence indication lights. How it works!

The frequency of the flashing LEDs indicates the amount of energy on the fence. The
longer the period between flashes, the lower the voltage on the fence.

If the electric fence light begins to pulsate less rapidly then you call us and we will bring your fence back into working condition.

Get peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe and secure all day long.

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Electric fence pulsating light
Electric fence pulsating light.Operates at various speeds and indicates the condition of your fence

Electric fence indication lights. Features!

Indicates power on the fence for peace of mind.
Visible from up to 1km at night and 100m during the day.

No batteries required.
Uses minimal power from the fence.

Highly visible LEDs allow for a 160-degree viewing angle. This allows the light to
shine into the secure area only.

Can operate from 0.9kV to 12kV.
Can be used with most electric fence energizer

The Electric fence indication lights are a great way for the owner to be able to self diagnose their own electric fence. With Electric fence indication lights fitted, knowing whether your electric fence is in good working order becomes as simple as casting a quick glance in its direction.
Unlike previous electric fence indicator lights, these lights change there flashing frequencey when the condition of the fence deteriorates.
The lights are only visible to the person in the property and can easily be seen during the day. Get peace of mind with this great new product.

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